Excerpt from the company's site:

"Psygnosis is one of Europe's leading electronic games software developers. Since the company was founded in Liverpool, in 1984, Psygnosis has stood at the forefront of the electronic games market, creating more than 100 award-winning titles for a variety of different gaming platforms.

The backbone of Psygnosis is its fierce dedication to leading-edge game development. As technology has developed, so the company has harnessed the potential of the market's leading game platforms. From its early classics on the 8-bit and 16-bit game machines, to its use of proprietary 3D graphics technology and pioneering development of the CD-ROM format, for use on both consoles and PCs, Psygnosis has consistently created the benchmark games to which the industry aspires.

Acquired by the Sony Corporation in 1993 Psygnosis played a key role in the launch of the Sony PlayStation in 1995. Games such as Wipeout® and Destruction Derby broke new ground and dominated PlayStation's first year sales.

Subsequent releases have continued the success: the original Formula 1, launched in 1995, broke new records by accounting for 68% of total leisure CD sales in the UK. This success was quickly followed with the launch other blockbuster titles such as Destruction Derby 2, Wipeout® 2097, Discworld 2, G-Police and Colony Wars.

Psygnosis now employs 250 people at its Liverpool headquarters, Leeds, London & Liverpool development studios. It has over 15 titles in development for release during 1999 and 2000."

In the PC games market, Psygnosis is best known for Lemmings series and addictive action/racing games.

In late 1998, Eidos Interactive bought Psygnosis’ European operations. Psygnosis’ US operations were folded into Sony's own development outfit, 989 Studios. Finally, in 2000 Psygnosis (as a Sony brand) has abandoned the PC game market for good.