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PC (1995)
Sony Playstation (1995)
Producer Angela Sutherland
Written and Directed by Gregg Barnett
Voiceovers Rob Brydon, Eric Idle, Jon Porter, Kate Robins, Tony Robinson
Tinsel Game System Programmed by Mark Roll, John Young
Game Creation Gregg Barnett, David Johnston
Dialogue Paul Kidd
Art Director Paul Mitchell
Background Artwork Nick Pratt
Character Design John Millington, Simon Turner
Lead Animation Simon Turner
Animation John Cassells, Karl D'Costa, Warren Hawkes, Paul Mitchell, Steve Packer, David Swan, Ben Wilsher
Music Rob Lord
Sound Mark Bandola, Rob Lord
Voice Sampling Mark Bandola, Karl D'Costa, Steven Thompson, Rob Van Deven, Richard Wright
Additional Programming Owen Cunningham, Dominic Jackson
Quality Assurance Guillaume Camus, Karen Cox, Colin Fuidge
Talent Casting Angela Sutherland
Agent for Terry Pratchett Colin Smythe
Original Autor and Creator of Discworld Terry Pratchett
Producer for Psygnosis Graham Stafford
Project Manager for Psygnosis Nadia Lawlor
Marketing / PR USA Ellen Fuog
Lead Playtestor Feargus Carrol
Playtesting Stuart Allen, Mark Inman, Jenny Newby, Gary Nichols, Dave Parkinson, Pat Russell, John Walsh
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