Blue Ice
PC (1995)
Programming, Graphics, Sound, & Design Carol Nudds, Richard L. Yapp
Story & Poetry Carol Nudds
Additional Programming Walter Bayer, Neil Dodwell
Actors Hollie Nudds, Teresa Simonelli, Lucy Smith, Bradley Whale, Will Yapp
Materials Co-Ordinators Kelly Evans, Lorna Owen
Manual and Packaging Design Anthony Roberts
Manual and Packaging Text Carol Nudds
Manual Editor Huw Thomas
Voice and Music Production Phillip Morris
English Voices Tom Conti, Judy Holt, Ron Meadows
Producer Richard Baxter
Executive Producer Steven Riding
Business Affairsa Jamie Ingram, Emma Quinn
QA Manager Feargus Carrol
Testers Jenny Newby, Richard Yandle
Intro Video Steve Gilbert
Mac Conversion Steve Rose
Windows Conversion Jim Finnis
German Voices Martin Arnhold, Wolfgang Becker, Ellen Schulz
French Voices Evelyn Celerien, Philippe Monet, Philippe Smolikowski
Spanish Voices Marisa Benlloch, Miguel Penranda, Carlos Riera
UK Product Executive Dawn Williams
UK PR Executive Jane Hickey
UK Trade Marketing Executive Dawn Lambert
French Product Manager Thierry Genre
French PR Executive Benoite Lavie
German Product Manager Sabine Westenberger
German PR Executive Ingo Zaborowski
German Trade Marketing Manager Janice Zima
International Product Executives Jane Hickey, Dawn Williams
International PR Manager Carolyn Seager
review1.txtReviewed by Rosemary Young (January 1997)