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3D Lemmings
PC (1995)

You and you alone are responsible for helping scores of friendly, innocent and harmless little Lemmings reach safety. You and you alone will be to blame if they end up drowning, burning, or exploding into Lemming bits. Think you can handle it? Eh?

The future of Lemmingdom is in YOUR hands. So get serious, furrow your brow, and don't laugh. The Lemmings need your help. The Lemmings will appear on each level of the game by falling through a trapdoor into a dangerous and hostile environment. You have to lead them out of the level by giving them the skills and powers which help them reach safety. Hopefully you'll rescue enough to advance to the next level.

Programming Martin Hall, James Thomas
3D Modelling Rob Mathews
Level Design Andrew Brechin, Neil Casini, Martin Hall, James Thomas
Manual and Packaging Text Damon Fairclough
Producer Greg Duddle
Music Manager Phil Morris
Manual Illustrations/Photos Neil Casini
2D Graphics and Animation Neil Casini
Original Lemming Models Peter Grayley
Public Relations Mark Selwyn Blewitt
Special Thanks To Martyn Chudley, Kevin Dodds, Marcus Goodie, Jan Puttnam, Graham Stafford, Alan Tuck
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l3d.zipDemo for Lemmings 3D (20 Levels)