Lemmings DS

Mathew Carr

Build Applications - 19/11/06

There are three control methods:

The default style is called 'Tapper style'. 'Tapper style' is the closest to the original Amiga Lemmings control style: use the stylus to tap a lemming, and the tool will be assigned instantly.

There are two 'Tapper style' preferences, 'Hold' and 'Toggle'. These refer to the shoulder button pause command: Hold means the game is paused while you hold either shoulder button. While holding one shoulder button, you can tap the other button to advance the game by a single frame.

Conversely, Toggle means you toggle pause with the shoulder buttons.

The second style is call 'Holder style'. In 'Holder style', you can hold the stylus against the screen to pause the game temporarily. Holding the stylus against a lemming cause that lemming to be highlighted. While a lemming is highlighted, tap any shoulder button to assign the current tool. This style can be useful if you are trying to pick a single lemming from a large group.

The final style is called 'Tactics Style'. 'Tactics style' is basically a reversal of the original Lemmings style. You must click on the lemming first, and then the tool you want to assign.

'Tactics style' offers the same 'Hold' and 'Toggle' preferences as 'Tapper style'.

Use the directional pad or XYBA to move the camera in any control style. Hold the Start button or hold the stylus against the Fast Forward button to increase the game speed. You can use Fast Forward while the game is paused. (The game will stay paused once you release the Start button)

Zoom in and out using the zoom controls in the lower left corner of the touchscreen.