Lemmings DS

Mathew Carr

Build Applications - 19/11/06

There are a number of extra applications and files that are used in the preparation of the Lemmings DS ROM after it has been compiled:

makeblankfile.exe filename size

This application creates a blank (all 0x00) file of length size bytes with the file name filename in the current directory.

bringfiletostride.exe filename stride offset

This application creates a file with the file name stride_filename in the current directory by loading the file filename and attaching 0x00 bytes to the end to bring its length up to (n*stride + offset), where n is the lowest integer value so that (n*stride + offset) >= filesize(filename).

append.exe input1 input2 output

This application appends the file input2 onto the end of input1 and outputs to the file output. This is similar to the Windows copy /B syntax, but that sometimes doesn't work.